If you think that botnets are only found in the East, due to the looser legislation and the room for money laundering, you should definitely re-evaluate. It is true that botnets have been found in the West, too. Indeed, their span is worldwide and there is no argument on this acknowledgement. Their number is growing globally and thus we need to learn more about their function and the dangers behind them.

First of all, when we are talking about terminology, botnets are malware infected computers. They act together and they are else known as zombies. As a consequence of the malware infection, they act as per their controller’s desires. This means that they can harm individuals, corporations and so on, without leaving any actual trace. In order to control the botnets, of course there is the need for at least one command and control server (C&C server in short). But hackers can grab hold of such servers and place their commands to the infected network of servers, so that they can satisfy their own demands.

McAffee Labs have provided a list with the top 10 countries, where botnets have been found. This is pretty enlightening, with countries spanned all over the globe. To be more specific, here are the countries with the most significant presence of botnet servers:

United States – 631

British Virgin Islands- 237

Netherlands – 154

Russia – 125

Germany – 95

Korea – 81

Switzerland – 77

Australia – 63

China – 48

Canada – 38

To some, these countries might seem strange to be included within the list. However, every country had been monitored prior to the results and the activities of botnets have been depicted on a global map.

The findings do not include countries like India, which can be a bit awkward. The Netherlands can be justified, thanks to the less than strict legislation and this is why VPN servers are spread there, too.

Even though this list provides great information, it is not the sole source you should rely on. It goes without even saying that there are many botnets, which do not reveal themselves easily. Due to different layers of security, they remain untraceable; still, they are equally dangerous and they can harm your computer in a jiffy. So, you need to be on alert and gather updated information as to the botnets and your means of protecting your online activities from their malicious intent.

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