There is a new ban from the Republic of Indonesia. The ban will keep citizens from accessing the pro-LGBTQ sites. These include Grindr, Blued, and BoyAhoy. Besides the LGBTQ ban, which is active now, there will be over eighty others.

The best way to access all blocked websites and apps is to use a VPN. is one of the best VPNs. The work of this VPN (as like any other right provider) is to hide your true IP address. Thus, the network filter will see the fake IP address that has permission to access blocked sites.

Inaccessible websites and apps 

There is a broad range of websites and apps you might not access again due to the Indonesian ban. A few of these include Brenda, Match, Grindr, Adam4Adam, and GirlfriendsMeet. Others are BeNaughty,, Hornet, OkCupid, U2nite, and Guyspy. The list is longer than this.

If you want to explore each of these sites, you should get a VPN first. And our recommendation is to It is inexpensive and efficient. With it you can access apps and websites that people from your country cannot. will mask your real IP address. Then it will replace it with a US-based IP. This will make you seem like you are in the US when browsing certain websites. The program will keep you anonymous all through.

Also, uses robust and safe encryption. So it provides a secure tunnel for all your private data to pass through. This VPN keeps you from hackers and other evil internet users. Above all, this program keeps your machine safe from malware. It protects when connecting via Wi-Fi hotspots.

More ways to enjoy browsing using

The owners provide a better plan: premium. With this, you can access apps, content, and sites using different IPs. There are IP addresses from over twenty countries.

When using the, you can keep the annoying ads away. Above all, you could seek help from a dedicated customer care service. Now, if you are in Indonesia, you know what to do. Just visit the website and download their VPN. If you want to learn more, visit the blog.

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