A recent research that has been performed by Tripwire has proved that the ones that are responsible for breaches and compromises are definitely the people who belong in the C-level technology of a company.

This specific survey, that has been done from 250 attendees at the RSA Conference 2015 and BsidesSF 2015 in San Francisco, it has been said that the executives of technology departments of the most popular firms in this area are the ones who should be responsible for security matters as the only thing that they should actually do is to have always in mind this exact thing, thus to be always on alert for cyber attacks.

In fact, in the specific conference it has been mentioned that when simple employees of firmed industries were asked of which is responsible for the specific matter, the 41 per cent said that the responsible ones are the CIO, CISO or the CSO. Only the 18 per cent of those people believed that the responsible ones are the vice presidents of a company and the 10 per cent believed that the company’s board is to blame.

On the other hand, Ken Westin, the senior security analyst for Tripwire said: “Cyber security liability is difficult to assign because you have to determine who knew about the risks, and then you have to figure out what they did, or did not do about them. If the CEO is made aware of security risks and does not provide the resources or plans to fix them, they own some of the responsibility.”

These words open some new problems regarding security and all of the attendees start thinking of the percentage of the responsibility and when it is the perfect time for a CISO to share security problems and cyber attacks with the other executives of the company that he works for. After that Mr. Westin added: ““Cyber security is a team sport that requires active support across the organization and from all levels of the executive team.”

all of the above details of the specific conference, should trouble us and should make us think of which measurements we can take as individuals or which are the most powerful security tools that we can use as members of a company that involves in technology.

This is where VPN appears in everyone’s mind along with its services and the kind of security it can offer. Some people believe that using a VPN is the perfect solution, especially for huge companies that have some really sensitive information and some others still do not trust it as they have never used it. If you belong to the second category of people, thus to the ones that they do not know anything about it, just give it a try and you will have the chance to enjoy all of the benefits that freely provides you.

All in all, it is sure that the specific conference has forced a lot of people to think clearly about the security issues that might appear to a company and of course to start having second positive thoughts about the use of VPN in such large businesses.

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