Banning VPN is what a Canadian ISP executive has suggested, raising a lot of reactions as to the legitimacy of such an action. The suggestion took place in a conference held in Toronto.

Back in last week, an executive of ISP a Canadian cable provider has suggested the banning of VPN in a conference that took place in Toronto. It was a suggestion that fortunately have been denied. This specific suggestion was done by David Purdy the senior president of Rogers. In the specific conference many other executives from really famous companies just like Bell and CBC.

Mr. Purdy along with his suggestion explained the ways that the government should use in order to ban VPN providers and of course he talked about the means that the government should use for the hacking of content like BitTorrent. A lot of journalists and people who are involved in the media industry of Canada used Twitter in order to express their opinions.

Kelly Lynne Ashton said that the senior president of Rogers needs the banning of VPN in order to have a successful company. Content I Connect has twitted that the technology has overcome humanity and he also said that it is impossible to ban services like VPN. It is sure that the specific suggestion of Purdy was criticized from many people but he does not give up and he challenges these people to use these streaming services just like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

David Purdy has already proven that many Canadians use VPN and the only reason why they use it is to have access to American version of Netflix thus a really popular American site that gives the authorization to everyone to keep up with the series and the movies that are not allowed to be viewed anywhere else except the U.S. Based on that a Canadian lawyer called Michael Geist who is mostly involved in online privacy matters he also comment on David Purdy’s words. He in fact said that Mr. Purdy should use Netflix via VPN in order to see what he is missing and he also said that he must not insist on focusing on consumer VPN use and its blocking, he should give great attention to focus on the consumers that access in illegal territories.

After all of that had happened, Rogers has stated that Purdy talks on his own behalf and the company does not endorse his opinion. An emailed statement of Rogers says: “Dave Purdy did not say the government should ‘shut down’ VPNs, nor did he say that we should have the ability to block over the top services, which is not our view. In fact, he noted that more regulation is not the answer to the current challenges facing the broadcast industry, which has always been our position.”

The specific lawyer, Michael Geist, said that any attempt to block such services is ridiculous, as they operate legally in Canada for many years now. His exact words were: “There is no indication that the Canadian government has any interest in targeting VPNs, but it comes as a shock to hear a Rogers’ executive calling for them to be shut down.”

So, as you can easily understand, there is no reason for any kind of worrying as such a blocking is not possible at least in the near future.

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