Fight Against Identity Theft with the Help of a VPN in UK

Identity Theft UK VPN

A great percentage of people especially in the UK usually prefer to spend some of their free time on surfing on the web. If you are one of those people, you need to have in mind that there is always the chance of identity theft from people who called hackers. Most of these people have as a target to have the full control of the device that you use to enter the Internet in order to have the access that they want to your personal data. Continue reading “Fight Against Identity Theft with the Help of a VPN in UK”

Feel Free to Browse Anonymously Online with VPN

Surf anonymously vpn

Nowadays, a really important matter that concerns almost all modern Internet users is of course the matter of privacy. It is for sure a really crucial theme that needs a lot of thinking and a matter that need to concern 100% of the people worldwide. If you cannot think of a reason to do it or even if you know the reason why but you do not know the way to do it, the following article will certainly help you have the answers that you want. Continue reading “Feel Free to Browse Anonymously Online with VPN”

Avoiding Identity Theft Online and Being Kept Safe

Avoiding Identity Theft Online

If you often receive e mails or messages that seem like blackmails and the person who sends them seems to know you really well, do not try to find who he is; you have probably been a victim of identity theft online. If you search on the web, you will definitely find people who are facing the same problem as yours.

The first time when this phenomenon appeared happened pretty sure when Internet came into our lives. In fact, stealing a person’s identity can also be the case in actual life; however, things in this case can be made right much easier than when online theft occurs. Continue reading “Avoiding Identity Theft Online and Being Kept Safe”

3 Tricks that Hackers Can Use for Stealing Your Identity

Hacking tricks identity theft

Just take a moment and imagine yourself visiting the nearest ATM machine, in order to take some money from your personal account; while you are waiting for the money, you take a look at the screen of the machine and you realize that your bank account is blank. At first, you will probably think that it is a common mistake and only when you follow the specific procedure again you realize that you actually do not have any more money. Continue reading “3 Tricks that Hackers Can Use for Stealing Your Identity”

Data Brokers and their Exact Work Having to Do with You

Data brokers privacy

Some days ago, several companies including some of the most popular ones just like Adobe, AOL and Salesforce were accused for publishing data against the EU transferred agreement. The truth is that these kinds of companies have some people who are called data brokers and whose work is to sell profiles and personal data of people who are unknown to them. Do not be surprised, because there are a lot of companies which only do this specific work and in fact their number exceeds that of 29.

If you are interested in learning about the people who buy these types of personal data, you need to think of advertisers or similar professions which can make money from that, just like marketers. If you cannot still fully connect the dots and understand the reason of this kind of transaction, you need to get in the shoes of a marketer and things will become easier for you. Continue reading “Data Brokers and their Exact Work Having to Do with You”

Social Media Privacy and How to Achieve it

Social Media Privacy

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to social media in order to spend their free time pleasantly. Only few of these people have thought about social media privacy and that is the reason why some times they put every single detail of their personal data to be seen from everyone, who might visit their social media web page.

If you are not careful on how and where you publish your personal information, or if your personal data falls into the wrong hands, such information may be used by some people who want to defame or to embarrass you, by revealing your private moments. This kind of information may complicate your life in the future, in a way that you cannot even dare to imagine. In extreme cases, you can even become a theft victim or even a victim of harassment. Continue reading “Social Media Privacy and How to Achieve it”

Online Identity Theft Nearly Cost Me USD6,000 in Fines and Lawyers Fees

You hear it all the time — always be wary of divulging your personal information to other people, especially strangers. For me, I had a taste of what it was like to have my personal information compromised because of my own negligence. A couple of years ago, I received a letter in my mailbox from a lawyer’s firm representing one of the local mobile service providers stating that I had 2 month’s worth of overdue bills amounting to nearly USD6,000.

Continue reading “Online Identity Theft Nearly Cost Me USD6,000 in Fines and Lawyers Fees”