How to get deals on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is the rage now. However, you may find it difficult to experience the beauty of this new product because of the restrictions that Nintendo, the company, places on its devices and games. Here are details of the restrictions and how you can successfully bypass them using VPN.

How to Access Pirate Bay Outside Australia: The Process

It is now impossible to access Pirate Bay and the other main torrenting sites in Australia using the conventional way. The Federal Court of Australia, in a ruling, has ordered all the ISPs in the country to block access to torrenting sites. However, the court did not rule that you cannot use a VPN to […]

3 Ways Anti-Encryption Laws May Affect the US Economy

Congress and other activists have been waxing lyrical on the need for the federal government to act against encryption. The argument of many of these politicians has been that terrorists and other criminals use encryption to plan for attacks and crimes. However, it is important to look at the other side of the coin. Here […]

Unblocking the Fall TV with a VPN all over the World

The fall TV has a nice show for everyone. But the problem is that some people cannot watch it online. This happens due to censorship in some areas. Where Geo-blocking is real, some content stays hidden. The ISP might also prevent access to some websites.

Geo-blocked Apps And games – How to unlock them?

There is always a good reason to keep a user from particular online content. It could be games, music, videos or any other content. If you cannot access any site, it does not accept people from your nation. In other words, you are facing geo-blocking. It is a type of internet censorship. Geo-blocking uses geographical […]

Reasons China is certainly strict about Internet censorship

China is indisputably among the countries that apply the heaviest censorship globally. There is great reason for such online limitations applied by China. In fact, there are quite a few different reasons that add to the use of online restrictions.

How Netflix aims at dealing with VPN and DNS masking IPs

It is not rare for Internet users to switch IP addresses and mask their true location, so as to enter the US version of Netflix. This is perfectly justifiable, as the US version includes way more stuff than any other Netflix version available worldwide.

Worrying about the Netflix VPN ban?

The Netflix entertainment platform has millions of subscribers worldwide (a rough estimation of 40 countries), while the majority of those subscribers are in the US. Of course, the US version of Netflix is far better and more qualitative, leading to subscribers of other countries wanting to trade their own version with the original.