Overlay Malware: Three Important Things

Overlay is a new form of a malware attack that criminals are increasingly using to target unsuspecting people. Criminals use this form of malware for the typical phishing attacks. Therefore, an essential part of overlay malware is the use of tricks to lure customers into keying in their login credentials on specific pages. Here are […]

Is Google Something Like the Internet Police?

It has been published that EU has told Google to erase some links that referred to some peoples’ lives as they seemed to be slightingly for some Hollywood celebrities. The lawsuits have been filed by these Hollywood stars due to the fact that some links and sites are showing them naked. This suing definitely makes […]

Some of the Most Important Information about NSA’s Quantum Insert Attacks

The British Government Communications Centre, or in other words the GCHQ, has used artificial pages with spy purposes and they have been similar to those of the social network means just like LinkedIn and the Internet version of Slashdot. This kind of information was published in the German magazine that is called Spiegel.

The Enemies of Internet Explained

In the report “Enemies of the Internet” you can find the names of those countries which have restrictions in everything that has to do with the Cyberspace. Based on those reports, China, Bahrain, Vietnam, Iran and Syria are definitely the most restricted states in the matters of the Internet and the freedom that they enjoy. […]

3 Tested Ways Allowing You to Become Invisible, Unmonitored from the Government

Recent revelations of NSA prove that nowadays it is even more important than it used to be to hide all kinds of personal data that you might share on the web. It is more vital than ever to try and keep for yourself information that you think that is really important for you and if […]

Stay Off the Grid: Ways to Safeguard Your Smartphone from the NSA

If you’ve been following the latest developments following the unearthing of the NSA Prism program slides used by the National Security Agency (NSA)  alongside its British counterpart, you must have learned by now that spy agencies are gathering personal data sent by “leaky” smartphones. In line with the provision of documents provided by former NSA […]

The Great Firewall Gets an “Upgrade”, Causing Distress to VPN Users

The notorious Great Firewall strengthens its hold over the people in China, blocking off access to a number of prominent virtual private network (VPN) services in the country. The Chinese government has long been locked in a struggle to suppress what it deems to be inappropriate content stemming from the Internet, but recent actions have […]