The Internet of Things: Major Risks and What to Do About Them

The idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) started a few decades ago. Leading tech companies started exploring different ways in which seemingly unrelated devices at home and in the office could communicate with each other over the internet. Currently, this is a reality. Many people are using devices that can connect to the web. […]

Android Threats That Have Caught the Attention of Experts at Black Hat USA 2015

Technology is progressing at a gigantic pace, with various breakthroughs taking place on a daily basis and affecting the life of Internet users. As far as mobile devices are concerned, there are many different things that have caught the interest and attention of the experts globally.

Learn the Nuts and Bolts of Mobile Security

Are you a computer geek? You probably own latest Galaxy S6, Google’s Nexus 6 or maybe you’re still holding on to the iPhone 6+ you bought last. Today, smartphones are important accessories of our daily lives. It is hard to live without one and even organizations have recognized the impact of smartphones on the corporate […]

Internet of Things (IoT) and Substantial Security Risks on Mobiles

Unlike what happened a few years in the past, nowadays mobile devices are not just limited to phones. On the contrary, you can find great gadgets of advanced technology that can be yours at affordable price rates.

How to Avoid Unauthorized Access to Your Webcam

It is true that many people have been put off by the increasing incidents of webcam hacking that have been brought to light so far. Many Internet users have stopped keeping their webcam activated for fear that they would become victims of hacking attempts.

Private Communication over VoIP Made Possible via VPN

  Voice over IP or in other words VoIP is one of the most popular ways that someone can communicate with another person with the help of the web. It is for sure a service that has managed to make communication easier, especially for those who want to contact with his friends or family members […]