Common Cryptocurrency Malware You Should be Wary Of

We now have various types of cryptocurrencies, thanks to the rise in demand for this novel form of money. Moreover, many vendors are now accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the popularity of cryptocurrencies is set to remain high in the near future.

How to Date Online Safely: Important Tips

Online dating is on the rise, thanks to our ever busy schedules and the desire to get things done fast. However, online dating, just like any other online activity, is associated with various risks. There are many stories of how innocent people have ended up losing money to online scammers who pose as potential dates […]

4 Things about the Tor Browser Exploit that You Should Know

An attacker has managed to compromise the security of the Tor browser. Details are now emerging of how a hacker managed to take advantage of the inbuilt features of the browser to carry out an attack that forces the browser to expose the real identity of users. Here are three things about the news that […]

The Cyberspace in 2016: 3 Important Steps

Several issues have characterised the cyber space throughout 2016. On a negative note, we have seen an unprecedented increase in the number and severity of cyber attacks that hackers have carried out this year. Companies, big and small, have reported losing the data of their clients to cyber crooks. On a positive note, we have […]

4 Most Severe Strains of Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are becoming common and more serious now than before. Experts observe that the frequency of ransomware attacks is increasing. More and more people are experiencing these types of attacks. More so, criminals are increasingly changing the form and frequency of ransomware attacks to take advantage of cyber security weaknesses. Here are some of […]

What would you most likely give up for internet security? Some said Sex

A new survey’s findings are funny. Some participants would stop having sex for a year in exchange for cyber safety. About 4 in 10 Americans said they would quit sex to feel safer online forever. In this internet survey, 2000 adults participated. The lead researcher was Harris Poll. He works for Dashlane — a password […]

Reasons why a job seeker should protect their Social Media profiles

When applying for a job, people share a lot of personal information. They write excellent cover letters and CVs. They even include a few references before sending the job applications. This is all good until people forget to hide their social media accounts. Letting these accounts stay public is imprudent. Do you know why? Modern […]

Facebook Quizzes – Can They Predict the Name of a Spouse You Haven’t met?

To be frank, these quizzes cannot predict the name of your future spouse. How is that even possible? But, you have Facebook friends who do these quizzes. While it is enjoyable to do quizzes, Facebook wants to access your personal data first.