How to Watch Hunted from Anywhere in the World

How to Watch Hunted from Anywhere in the World

Hunted will premiere on January 22nd, 2017 on CBS. The reality show is based on how teams of participants pretending to be wanted criminals can successfully hide from real-life investigators. There are nine teams, each made of two individuals in the show. The team that manages to evade capture for four weeks carries the grand prize of $250,000. Here are details on how you can watch Hunted from anywhere in the world. Continue reading “How to Watch Hunted from Anywhere in the World”

Describing the OPSEC Process and Key Steps

CIA kidnapping edward snowden

Communication safety is important in this digital age. Whether its business or personal, you should protect your privacy. Encryption methods can keep criminals away. But, encryption is not all you need. You should get a good OPSEC. This refers to Operations Security. It is enough to protect your personal details from thieves. The OPSEC process entails five steps. This include: Continue reading “Describing the OPSEC Process and Key Steps”

Smartwatch Security: 4 Important Tips

Smartwatch Security

Apart from being trendy, your smartwatch helps to synchronize your digital life. The little device connects with your other digital devices to help you live a smooth and highly integrated life. However, hackers are increasingly using smartwatches to target their victims. Therefore, you need to take the necessary precautionary measures to safeguard your smartwatch. Here are some of the things you can do. Continue reading “Smartwatch Security: 4 Important Tips”

Why VPN is Great For College Students

vpn for college students

Are you looking to join college? If so, what things have you written on your to-do-list? Personal use items such as bed linen and some kitchen appliances have to be on this list.

But, there is an essential thing you might have skipped. This is none other than a VPN. Other than using your laptop or tablet in class, you will take it to the school library and internet cafes. Continue reading “Why VPN is Great For College Students”