It’s important to know how to protect privacy on Facebook. The process of doing this can at times be confusing. Check the settings in place at regular intervals. Facebook gives two easy ways to maintain privacy. Both ways will provide the desired results.

  1. General rules can determine who can view and make contact
  2. Individual things – updates, etc. can have a privacy setting.

Privacy Shortcuts

You could edit fast via shortcuts. Select Privacy Shortcut. This button is on the toolbar. Filtering and audience selector are easy to change at will.

There’s a Privacy Shortcut icon whose image is a lock. When clicked, a menu appears. Select See More Options. This leads to the Privacy Settings and Tools page. All settings can have a level of privacy selected.

Tools Page and Privacy Settings

Here Facebook settings are straightforward. You can control them the way you please without struggling.  It will be easy to view the changes you have made too. The page allows you to control privacy settings in an accurate manner.

Next, you should click each yellow button at a time.  An explanation on what these buttons do will appear. It is possible to edit the groups who can view.

Facebook Audience Selector and Its Use

It is possible to alter who sees any post on Facebook. The Audience Selector is the button that allows this. The tool appears on either News Feed or the Timeline. It is an easy button to find and use.

More Options will allow some people to view the content. For extra security, there is the option to select Only Me. Only certain people will be able to see what’s posted. This is something you can alter later on. Others will be able to see the post.

The Audience Selector change will affect future posts. The default setting will be different for extra posts made.  You can view the Audience selector at any time. Check this at regular intervals. The best time to check is when there are new posts. Just set it to the level that keeps posts limited.

This is a quick way to explain Facebook privacy settings. Further privacy is easy to reach by categorizing contacts.

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