Using the default password on your Wi-Fi may hide dangers for you and your anonymity. Sometimes others use the same Wi-Fi connection and deteriorate your user experience or there are dangers related to privacy involved in the whole process of sharing Wi-Fi.

In order to avoid all that, there are two methods for you to choose from towards finding and changing your Wi-Fi password. Let’s have a look at both of them, shall we?

  1. In Windows 7 or 8: You should of course make sure that your device connects to the Wi-Fi network of your preference. Then, you should right click on the Wi-Fi icon on the bottom right side of the screen. After that, tap “Open Network and Sharing”. Click on Wi-Fi and then Wireless Properties. A new window will appear with the properties and you need to tap Security. By choosing “Network security key”, you can see the password (if it is not visible, click to show characters. This is it! Now, you have found the Wi-Fi password. See how you can change it now below, as the process is the same.
  2. Router settings: Open your browser and type at the address bar. In case your router does not have that IP, you can find it by typing in the command prompt “ipconfig /all”. Then, you ought to search for default gateway. Type that on your browser, as this is your router’s IP. Then, you will need the credentials for your router. Username and password are most usually “admin”. Now, you have access to your router and you ought to head to security. This option is on your wireless menu. After clicking security, you will find the WPA shared key. You can change it from there and you are done!

So, now you know which the two methods for finding and changing your Wi-Fi password are. You can try out these methods, in order to enhance your overall online security. It is of the highest priority to strengthen your security on the web.

Wi-Fi security can crack and the consequences are going to be catastrophic for you. In avoidance of that, you need to take some action. Changing your password and choosing a password that is difficult and hard to guess is the best way to go. Good luck with your efforts to stay safe online!

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