The Chinese government is among the world’s most notorious for restrictions online. Basically in China you can only access websites from China. Any other website proves hard to access.

This started when China decided that the internet needs regulating. See in China freedom is still a relatively known concept, with the government looking to stamp down on any semblance of rebellion or difference in ideology. The nation, for all its wealth, is still far behind as far as freedoms of access to information as well as broadcast of information goes.

Those familiar with what the internet calls The Great Firewall of China know that accessing YouTube for example is impossible, unless you use technology such as a VPN. The Chinese people need access to the outside world and are therefore among the world’s heaviest users of VPN service. Through VPN they can basically access any website they like.

The Chinese government is not impressed that people are finding ways to beat the system. The government has therefore decided that any phone that uses a VPN connection will be blocked. To do this the government has put pressure on the ISPs with instruction that any phone that is using a VPN connection be disconnected. Citizens are therefore getting notifications that their phones will be locked.

Efforts to find out from the ISPs why the phones are being locked have been met with no response or direction to ask that question to the cyber police.

While China has all along been a big censor online, the nations in the West are beginning to consider what China has been doing, albeit in a lesser proportion, especially after the attacks in Paris a few days ago.

Experts point out that censorship will ultimately be ineffective in the war against terror since terrorists will find new ways if the old ways become unsafe. The taking away of personal freedoms is therefore not needed in the war against terror.

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