The word of Edward Snowden’s kidnapping by the CIA in Denmark has spread out and there have been rumors as to the cooperation of Denmark, Scotland and the US.

As new information has been brought to light by the Danish media, there is great possibility that the CIA has been planning to kidnap Edward Snowden using a plane. As the evidence suggests, there is a team of professionals working for the CIA and based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

They have been trying to access not documents from Edward Snowden but the whistleblower himself, in order to force him to follow to the US for the awaiting trial. The word has spread out and the kidnapping attempts of one of the most talked about persons in the planet have become public.

According to the leaked information, these CIA professionals are not new to the Danish city. Instead, their presence had been acknowledged since 2013 and therefore they have been systematically trying to gain access to the whereabouts of Snowden.

Scotland is also involved in the research of Edward Snowden’s positioning, if we believe the same sources. The aircraft that took off from the US and headed to Denmark for Snowden was the Gulfstream V business jet, with tail number N977GA. The same type of aircraft has been used by the CIA on multiple occasions, especially those requiring extra attention and precision.

Among the documents leaked on the matter, there is a letter from FBI agents to the Norwegian Government asking for their local support in finding Edward Snowden.

Even though nobody can be sure if such pieces of information are indeed solid, one cannot help but wonder. If the information is correct and there has been an effort in kidnapping Edward Snowden, is this a prudent move on behalf of the United States?

If Snowden is aware of these efforts, what is he doing? Hasn’t he already shared his precious top classified documents with others, in case something bad happens to him?

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