Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 are Samsung’s and Apple’s flagship phones, so for those that have a so called “new phone fever” tend to go through benchmark sites and get valid results while comparing these high performance phones.

People ask for as much information as possible on the screen & cameras resolutions and battery capacity. But they should also be concerned about the security features provided on these phones as they play a big role on how safe your data is on such a phone.

Security features used on Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6

1) Fingerprint scanners

One of the best ways to secure an electronic device is the use of fingerprint technology. Both Samsung and Apple have applied this technology on these phones; nevertheless it has become apparent that the security level of this technology on both phones is not bulletproof.

Apple’s scanner appears to be more reliable than Samsung’s previous model (S5) and difficult to bypass making it rather secure and this forced Samsung to come up with an even more reliable scanner than Apple’s on its latest model (S6), which includes improved functionality.

2) Smart Lock

This is a feature that is used on the Samsung Galaxy S6 but not on the Apple iPhone 6, as it comes with the latest versions of the Android OS, so one point there for Samsung. What is the Smart Lock Feature? The Android SmartLock feature lets you keep your device unlocked when it is in range of a Bluetooth device or a NFC tag or of a designated location, all of which you will need to already have set as trusted.

This is a good option that allows you to keep your phone unlocked when you are at your home or at the office. If you are an iPhone owner you will have to manually unlock your device each time, since this is not available on iOS as mentioned earlier. SmartLock is a quite convenient feature which after proper configuration can assure that in case your device falls in the wrong hands, it will stay locked.

3) Apple Pay vs Samsung Pay

Both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay use payment tokens, which is more secure payment method than credit card transactions. Apple Pay provides convenience to its users as they can make quick payments at those retailers who have a platform that is compliant with this system. Samsung’s system is yet to be released, but when it does it is expected to offer a broader scope than Apple pay as it will work on various readers thus providing better compatibility.

Google Android vs Apple iOS

Comparing the two operating systems, we’ll have to mention that iOS tends to provide better security, as the applications published on Apple Store have previously passed from rigorous security checks. On the other hand, if you use Android and want to be on the safe side, you should only download applications that have been created by a trusted developer.

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