Several issues have characterised the cyber space throughout 2016. On a negative note, we have seen an unprecedented increase in the number and severity of cyber attacks that hackers have carried out this year. Companies, big and small, have reported losing the data of their clients to cyber crooks. On a positive note, we have made several strides towards making the cyberspace safer and affordable to all. Here are three significant achievements that we have achieved so far.

1. Realising the need for net neutrality

The concept of net neutrality means that the companies that sell bandwidth, also called Internet Service Providers, should not make the internet inaccessible for particular groups of people. It has always been our concern that ISPs can use their powers to create a discriminatory cyberspace. However, the pressure of activists and the decisions of courts of law across the world have made sure that ISPs across the world realise the need for net neutrality.

2. Many people are now concerned about their online privacy

A study conducted earlier in the year showed that many individuals are concerned about their online privacy. The study revealed that many individuals do not believe that business organisations can keep their data securely. From the findings of the study, we can see that many people are now aware of the dangers that they face every time they get online. As a result of the increased concern, they are likely to take the right measures to secure their online privacy. Therefore, we are expecting to see many people being proactive regarding protecting their online privacy.

3. Development of new cyber security products

Highly innovative companies have been studying developments in the cyberspace carefully and developing what promises to be perfect solutions to the problems we are facing right now. During this year, we have seen some companies develop and test products that promise to tackle some age-old cyber security problems. We are expecting that these products will prove successful over the course of time.

In conclusion, these are three significant developments in cyberspace for the year 2016. We believe that going forward; we shall have more positive developments for the benefit of all users of the internet.

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