Reports indicate that government officials in Czech have come under a massive cyber attack in the recent past. According to multiple sources, cyber security officials working in government offices in Czech discovered the massive attack towards the end of last year.

Further reports indicate that the attacks were concentrated in the country’s ministry of foreign affairs office. Officials at the ministry are said to have suspected that they were under a form of cyber attack towards the end of October, back in 2016.

It is said that investigations by the cyber security experts at the ministry uncovered a massive and highly sophisticated hacking campaign that was taking place at the time.

It is not clear the amount of data that was lost to the hackers since the Czech government has remained silent about the issue.

However, it is believed that the hackers must have managed to get away with a significant amount of data before they were discovered. The Czech government said that immediately it discovered that hackers had breached its systems, it asked its employees to update their passwords as part of the process of minimising the damage arising from the breach.

However, what is raising more questions is the manner in which officials in the Czech government have repeatedly pointed fingers at Russia. Although the Czech government has not officially blamed Russia for the hacking, the comments of some of its high-ranking officials confirm that the official position of the Czech government is that the nature and complexity of the hacking are akin to what state-sponsored Russian hackers have been doing in the recent past.

Towards the end of last year, reports emerged, linking Russian state-sponsored hackers to the high-profile hacking jobs against the Democratic National Congress database in the US. Russia has repeatedly rubbished the accusations.

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