Some days ago, several companies including some of the most popular ones just like Adobe, AOL and Salesforce were accused for publishing data against the EU transferred agreement. The truth is that these kinds of companies have some people who are called data brokers and whose work is to sell profiles and personal data of people who are unknown to them. Do not be surprised, because there are a lot of companies which only do this specific work and in fact their number exceeds that of 29.

If you are interested in learning about the people who buy these types of personal data, you need to think of advertisers or similar professions which can make money from that, just like marketers. If you cannot still fully connect the dots and understand the reason of this kind of transaction, you need to get in the shoes of a marketer and things will become easier for you.

So, an advertiser for example seeks to gain information of the profiles that he buys that have to do with your daily activities and habits, such as your preferences on food, night outs, vacation or even your shopping habits. So, in order to summarize, these kinds of professions get the information and the profiles that they want through data brokers.

By reading this article, it is sure that another question comes in your mind. What do the lawmakers do about it? For the lawmakers, this is sadly a procedure that can take ages.

The Job of the Lawmakers

It is sure that lawmakers know everything about the data brokers and the actual work that they do and they are constantly trying to inform the consumers to think about the personal data that they publish on the web and with whom they share their information. The Federal Trade Commission has published a report with the title: “Data Brokers – A Call for Transparency and Accountability”.

This report refers to the lack of transparency when it comes to data brokering and to the idle nature of the government to create laws that can stop or control this phenomenon. A website that is eloquently called “About the Data” and comes from Acxiom company is a web page of data brokers that actually allow you to write as a free user whichever information you do not have any problem for them to use and some people think that this is only a trick that the specific company uses, in order to get some extra data from third parties.

What to Do to Stop This Phenomenon

Unfortunately, the only thing that you can do is to just wait and see more on the evolution of the laws and what the government is going to do about it. Another thing that you can do to refine your personal data from data brokers and relevant companies is to just visit web page.

It is a site that is able to give you a list of almost all the data broking companies and their official web sites, in order for you to visit them and change some of your data through their web sites. Another way is to just use for example Chrome or Firefox into an incognito mode. It is not a sure way but it is definitely something!

The Use of VPN against Data Brokers

If you want to browse through the Internet or do anything that you like on the web without being seen from anyone, it is sure that you need to use the VPN services. VPN has got many advantages and the most important one is the fact that it can easily hide your computer’s IP from others. So, brokers will not “bother” you again. Its low price and its fast speed are two other facts that will definitely thrill you. So, do not waste any more time and choose a VPN provider right away. This will help you out get less trouble from exposing your sensitive data and having data brokers taking advantage of you!

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