Sony hacking incident has just highlighted how vulnerable businesses can be at a global scale, when it comes to their own online safety. Even though many business owners tend to underestimate the problem and think that a data security breach will never happen to them, more often than not they are proven wrong.

They get to realize the hard way that there is no definite way of preventing a data security breach. What they can do is to get ready and make sure that the damage is not too much to take. In a hostile environment, you need to take some preventive measures and get all the safety precautions that you can.

If you act properly, you may even see that a data breach has become the reason for enhancing your overall security and becoming better in the future. Let’s see what you need to do, if (God forbids) you get hacked and you feel desperate for the future of your business. How can you cope?

Things to Do after Data Security Breaches

  • Identify the Damage: It is crucial to identify exactly what has been compromised. This will allow you to strengthen the weaknesses in your infrastructure and it will help you to protect even more data over time. It is really important to realize whether or not the data breached has been classified, super useful or somewhat trivial. This is the alpha and omega of dealing with such a crisis!
  • Lay Low for a While: You may need to prove that your business is not over yet or you may want to show the other competitors in the field that you have managed to recover in a heartbeat. Still, abstaining from production and the land of fire for a while can offer you multiple benefits. By isolating any suspicious threats, you eliminate their effect on your business and this is definitely worth the trouble!
  • Do Your Research for Human Error: Although the people make every single business either stand out among the rest or sink and vanish, it is needless to state that the same people can hide behind a serious data breach. It is way easier than you might think to infect a computer with a deadly virus, thanks to the ignorance of an employee that just clicked on a malicious link or attachment.
  • See Who Is not Feeling Loved: Taking the previous advice a bit further, it goes without even saying that a business cannot keep everybody satisfied. This happens to the staff also, giving motive to the ones that are left dissatisfied to do something bad about it. With simple observations, you can narrow down the list and find the employees that may have done something deliberately.
  • Never Twice: Of course, nobody can argue that every single hacking incident is different and that the sophistication of the attacks is somewhat daunting. Nevertheless, when you have been hacked, you have initially got the opportunity to analyze the data and see what has been wrong. In the long run, such an analysis will be proven vital for the future of your business.
  • Engage In Staff Training: We have stressed out just how important it can be for a business to identify the weaker links and the employees that do not feel welcome in the company. Even the ones that wish to commit to the work that they are doing, though, need the right kind of training. Alarming staff on security hazards can offer you a great layering of protection that holds every hacker at bay.
  • Seek Help from Authorities: It is never wrong to seek the assistance of the local authorities, in order to understand more about the data security breach. Law enforcement professionals are way more experienced in this field than you are and they are certainly able to offer a helping hand. Do not turn it down!
  • Take the Necessary Legal Actions: Even after the security breach has occurred, you cannot sit idle and relax. Like it was not enough to take a beating and admit that your security has been proven less than anticipated, you have to deal with additional legal concerns regarding your associates and clientele. What has been breached might have been the property of others and these specific others may claim the property back – or ask compensation for the damage that they have suffered. Seek assistance from the legal department ASAP!
  • Backups and Logs Checked and Double Checked: You know better than to leave all the hard work go to waste and this is why you have made the right backups and kept the proper logs all this time. Check them and see what covers your needs, in order to restore your business as well as possible. Then, do not waste any more time prior to storing another backup and keeping another set of logs!
  • Invest in IT: The deepening financial crisis has expanded and thus we all know how difficult it can be to come up with the funds that a business needs. However, it is all a matter of prioritizing. We need to keep in mind the fact that the IT department is a sound investment that will certainly pay off, one way or another. So, funding the right investments towards bettering the conditions and learning more in the field of IT is always a great thing to do!

Even if a data security breach might feel like a huge disaster, the way you tackle with the problem can lead to significant benefits as well. Do not let such an opportunity pass you by; instead, do the right moves and make sure that you are never left off-guard again, for the benefit of your business!

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