Online dating is on the rise, thanks to our ever busy schedules and the desire to get things done fast. However, online dating, just like any other online activity, is associated with various risks. There are many stories of how innocent people have ended up losing money to online scammers who pose as potential dates on online dating sites. However, you can still navigate the murky waters of online dating by taking into consideration the following important tips.

1. Do not use your full name

It is inappropriate to use your full name when interacting with potential dates on internet dating sites. It is better to use your first name at all times than revealing your full name to everyone you meet on online dating sites.

2. avoid disclosing a lot of information about yourself

Remember that you are interacting with strangers on online dating sites. Therefore, be cautious about revealing a lot of your personal details. for example, it is not advisable to tell your potential dates about your real location and other things. If you avoid revealing a lot of information about yourself to strangers, you will be minimising the chances of falling into the traps of hackers, if you ever happen to be their target.

3. Use a VPN

A VPN helps to keep you anonymous and safe when you are online. to achieve this objective, any standard VPN service like encrypts the traffic of its clients and tunnels it via secure routes. Thus, third parties cannot read what you are doing online when you access the internet via your VPN account.

In this case, when you use for example, you will be safe from hackers and other cyber criminals who crawl over online dating sites in search of potential victims.

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