Erasing Google history is more than just deleting your browser history. You need extra knowledge on how to manage your Google’s Web and App history.  These two features store every search you do on Google.

There is enough history of what you have been doing in the last decade. To download all your past searches is easy. Google will let you. So where can you start?

Supervise your Google Activity

First, enter your Google account. Move on to My Activity tab under privacy settings. This is where Google records your internet activities. The record is in chronological order. Each task occupies its own space, but some activities can appear in a group. Using Activity Controls, choose the activities that Google could check.  

How to stop Google Activity

To finish your Google history for good, first, delete your activity. Then customize your Activity Controls. You could erase each item at a time. As well, you could remove activities by day or time. Also, you can delete everything at once.

When you choose to erase each item at a time

Access your account’s My Activity page. Search for an item, click on More and then Delete. Google will ask you to confirm the deletion.

Erasing related activities

Related activities or bundles are easy to delete. Access My Activity page and choose bundle.  Keep on clicking “More” to find new bundles to erase.

Delete through search and filters

Go to My Activity page and select Filter by date & product. Pick Google product you want to remove. Click items to remove or Delete results. Confirm deletions.

Erase entire Google activity

Access My Activity tab on your Google account. Click on Delete activity by. Select “All time” and then click Delete. Confirm and finish.

Other Google activity

This includes data about your device, location, YouTube, Google Play sound search and more. Move to the left side of your account’s My Activity page. Delete these things.

Remove Google history – Android phone

Here you need to use this app: History Eraser – Privacy Clean. It is on your Google Play. It removes app history at once.  It deletes your browser history, texts, and call logs. It also erases your download history, Gmail search data, and YouTube history.

Final word

Deleting history will deny Google an opportunity to show you ads related to your top searches.

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