Communication safety is important in this digital age. Whether its business or personal, you should protect your privacy. Encryption methods can keep criminals away. But, encryption is not all you need. You should get a good OPSEC. This refers to Operations Security. It is enough to protect your personal details from thieves. The OPSEC process entails five steps. This include:

  • Identifying critical data

Although you need OPSEC, encryption is still necessary. You can do it with a VPN, of course. It is a way of taking responsibility for protecting personal data. If you back it up with OPSEC, you will be safe. Having a good Operations Security is all about knowing your risks. Who are you avoiding? What are their capabilities? Some people protect themselves from the government. Others want to be safe from organized crime. Each case needs a different OPSEC.

  • Analyze your threats

After knowing who could be after you, assess your security status. Is it tight enough? If it isn’t, find viable solutions. For instance, you do not have to take the risk at all. Second, you can use a password manager. It lets you pick complex and safe passwords. Note that a threat is someone who should never find your personal data.

  • Assess areas of vulnerability

The third step in OPSEC process is the analysis of your vulnerabilities. This means the ability to trust your internet gadgets and apps. Using sloppy programs is risky. They could leak your private data. Add the Operations Security of your friends in your OPSEC model too.

  • Test your risks

Although vulnerabilities are many, not all are relevant. You might never encounter some of them. Find out how threats could use your vulnerabilities to overwhelm you. Classify your threats as high, medium and lower risk.

  • Apply suitable OPSEC measures

This is the last step. It is about tackling your threats. Start with the high risk threats. Then move to medium risk and lower risk ones.

Using OPSEC and encryption together is great. Operations security might need you to use stronger encryption. At the same time, it could need you to stop using technology. This could mean leaving your internet gadgets at home. Also, it could mean using the post box instead of electronic mail.

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