VPNs have drawn global attention over the past few years, due to the multiple benefits that they are able to offer Internet users. However, not many of them get to realize that there are two distinctive types of VPN available for choosing: the site-to-site VPN and the remote-access VPN. Which one is best for you, according to your personalized needs and demands? Which differences are there between the two and why should you pick one over the other?

Site-to-site VPN offers a secure connection to multiple users, making it an excellent choice for those who want to take advantage of file sharing opportunities in a safe environment. Site-to-site can either happen intranet-based or extranet-based. In the former, within an intranet a single WAN (or wide access network) is used for multiple LANs (or local access networks) to connect. In the latter, on the other hand, two different intranets connect to each other and access the content of both.

Remote-access VPN is ideal for individuals, as it focuses mainly on the personal touch of a VPN. In this case, an individual connects to a remotely located VPN server and maintains anonymity and privacy. A safe tunnel is established in this case and therefore no data breach can occur.

So, you can see which VPN does the work for you. If you are a company owner or wish to enhance communication and interconnection between departments and employees, site-to-site VPN is the best deal for you. If on the other hand, you are mainly interested in improving your overall online privacy as a person, you are better off with a remote-access VPN.

Benefits of Personal VPNs

A personal VPN is able to offer you a plethora of benefits, which are hard to find anywhere else. Among the best things you are going to get out of using a VPN, we find the following:

  • Encrypting your traffic
  • Keeping your data safe
  • Masking your true IP address
  • Unblocking geographically restricted sites and channels
  • Avoiding heavy censorship
  • Staying off the radar against government surveillance
  • Bypassing firewalls
  • Avoiding ISP throttling
  • Ensuring safe file sharing and communication

This is pretty big, right? So, you know why a VPN is the best tool you can put into effect. Feel free to select a reliable VPN service provider of the highest quality standards, in order to make the most out of your safe Internet web surfing!

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