There have been multiple hits against the online payment infrastructure globally over the past few years, with hackers trying to identify the red flags and the flaws of digital transactions. As you surely have heard, a lot of businesses have reported security breaches in their online presence and this certainly leads to fear.

If you recall Home Depot and Target, as well as Sony and many other businesses that have admitted having their online data intercepted somehow, you must have started wondering yourself as to the future of digital transactions and the quality of online presence.

HCE stands for host card emulation and is enhanced software that can help out towards bettering the conditions of online payment options. Of course, even though there is optimism as to the use of such software rather than other more obsolete solutions, this does not come without its own flaws.

As it has been stated by several experts, with HCE there is no single network and thus the hackers can penetrate the security layering with the contribution of more sophisticated tools on their behalf.

However, there is no better alternative for digital security than HCE and this is what has drawn such great attention to its use. According to Jean-Noel Georges, Global Program Director for Information & Communication Technologies at Frost & Sullivan: “The emergence of the cloud-based HCE will please security service providers as it offers an alternative that is easy to deploy in a short time frame,” “The solution is expected to accelerate the deployment of other payment solutions and already, it has forced the ecosystem to rethink the entire roadmap and portfolio strategy.”

In fact, he continued on commenting on the following: “More than the security component, consumers and retailers seek convenience. Many companies are now building solutions especially for the mobile instead of adapting existing solutions to the mobile. Technology developers could adopt the same approach with respect to convenience, so that security is an invisible component of the payment process.”

Digital transactions are really hazardous and can be threatened to a huge extent. This means that radical measures should be taken, in order to ensure that we can still pay online and enjoy the conveniences that such actions provide.

HCE is by far the most advanced and innovative method, which can lead to the desired effects and prevent scams and data information. Although it is not perfect by any means, it is in the most fruitful direction. In the future, HCE will most likely become even more efficient or give its place to an even more powerful and effective tool.

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