The days are gone when we all had to go out shopping. We can now jump in bed and order something online. The stores are many and competitive. So the prices are fair and the items genuine. Also, the internet has many freebies and offers. Online shopping is great, of course, but has some dangers too. Here are 8 dangers to expect.

Unreal internet shops

If you aren’t careful, you will buy from a fake store. The item you will buy will never get to you. These fake stores look legitimate from the onset. So be careful.

Credit card scams

There are many malicious criminals online. They target credit card numbers by hacking the payment portals. Once you place items in the cart, the website will redirect to a malicious gateway. As it looks like to the merchant’s gateway, you will trust it. After sharing your credit card details, the criminal will achieve their goal.

Identity theft

This is a serious threat to online shoppers. After stealing your card details, the ID thief will pretend to be you. So they will misuse the card pretending to be you. This can get you in debt and other troubles.


Another way online shopping affects shoppers is via advertisements. The ads appear on internet stores and social media sites. They promise you nice gifts. Unfortunately, some are false. Once you fill up their forms, they steal your email and other data.

Stores without a secure protocol

The secure protocol appears on the address bar. It looks like a lock. Any store without this lock is unsafe. It doesn’t encrypt your data. Someone could steal private details about you. Then they can use it as they wish.

Malware attacks

If a malware attack affects a store, shoppers can be at risk. The malware could spread to their favorite stores. If you try shopping, the malware will attack your device. Without a great VPN, the malicious malware can do its work.

Data breach

A huge website like Amazon has gone through a serious data breach. The attacker stole private details of eighty thousand people.

Unreal apps

In the wake of serious app development, fake apps are trending. Once you download a fake app, it will collect your private data. Then the malicious app developer will use your data as they please.

Hence, you should be alert when shopping online.

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