One would think that the US boasts many VPN users. The truth is that the US has fewer VPN connections than a certain nation.

So, which country boasts many VPN connections?

GlobalWebIndex is a research organization based in London. It will help us answer this question. Recently it did a study that put Indonesia to the front. It found that Indonesia has the biggest percentage of VPN users.

Forty-one percent of its internet users use a VPN connection. The survey participants were two hundred thousand internet users from thirty-four nations.

Indonesia came ahead of the UK and Netherlands. Both had sixteen and fourteen percent in that order. In china, only 29 percent of internet users use a VPN service. The USA scored twenty-five percent, which is below the world average score.

Asians seem to use VPN more. For instance, Thailand scored 39%, India 33%, Taiwan 33%, Malaysia 32% and Hong Kong 29%.  As everyone knows, Vietnam and China tend to have strict VPN restrictions.

They do not allow users to view YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. The Vietnamese government also restricts access to blogs and sites that are against it.  Singapore is about to block access to Pirate Bay, a torrent sharing site.

Indonesia has always been lenient about internet usage. But now there is government censorship. This is prompting Indonesians users to use VPN services. According to Jason Mander, VPNs are widespread tools.

Jason is the GobalWebIndex’ Head of trends. He continued to explain that Europeans use VPNs to be more private. But, around the world, people want to use a VPN to access a Geo-blocked region.

In other western nations, people use VPNs to mask their internet activities. They want to visit entertainment sites in an anonymous manner. In most cases, VPN users fear for their privacy and security.

Still, a few of them want to bypass ISP restrictions to certain websites or regions. This happens when given content is unavailable in their nation.

Asians use VPNs to view websites that their nations have restricted. From the percentages above, you saw that Asian countries had the highest scores. So we could conclude that Virtual Private Networks are not going anywhere.

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