It is true that most of the times we get the router equipment from our Internet Service Provider and use that for connecting to the web. This is a truly frequent tactic, as it requires no special technical knowledge for the router configuration on your end. In addition, in this way you avoid paying for the router up front and therefore you save some valuable money along the way.

Last but not least, when something is wrong with the router and you need to repair or replace it, your ISP will most likely do that for you free of charge. However, all these conveniences should not lure you towards choosing the router from your ISP. Here’s why:

Security Vulnerabilities with ISP Routers

Haven’t you felt fortunate, because the technician you spoke to on the phone knew exactly what to do on your router and did it remotely? Well, this is not something pleasant and instead it can lead to severe security vulnerabilities.

The manufacturers have made the router easy to reach remotely, using a backdoor that allows them to handle everything and take care of the glitches occurring.

Still, this backdoor can also be used in the wrong hands and trigger a hacking attack against your router. Hackers penetrate your system with the use of the backdoor and get their hands on all the data you have been trying to keep secret.

What Can Be Done for Protecting ISP Routers?

There are some things that you can do, so as to make sure that you protect your ISP router to a great extent.

  • First of all, you change the default username and password of your router. This will help you make things a bit worse for hackers, in their attempt to penetrate the system. Of course, do not use words and phrases that define you and are really easy to guess.
  • After setting an added passphrase for the router, you can now move forward to changing the SSID name of your router. Here, the same basic rule applies – do not use words that give you away!
  • Another thing that you can do, assuming that you know your way around technical issues, is to update the firmware of the router. You can either use the upgrades of the same manufacturer or choose a completely different firmware altogether.
  • For those who are really tech literate and can handle that, you should also switch from the standard 2.4 GHz to the 5 GHz band. This will eliminate the reach of your Wi-Fi connection and keep most hackers at bay.

Why VPN is Crucial for Router Protection

The VPN is definitely the best solution you can start using for protecting your ISP router. With the contribution of the VPN, your traffic gets encrypted and you mask your IP address, not only against hackers but against your Internet Service Provider as well.

As an added bonus, you need to worry no more about advertisements flooding your web navigation. The process of installing and setting up the VPN is really easy and simple to handle, even for newbies in the technical department. So, if you are truly concerned about the security enhancement of your ISP router, the VPN will help you out!

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