In 2016 GPEN (Global Privacy Enforcement Network), the main issue of debate was the Internet of Things. As a result, there has been a lot of concern as to the privacy settings of devices that comprise the IoT in today’s life.

In specific, a lot of devices that are linked to health have been monitored and they have revealed various vulnerabilities. Apps and devices of wearable technology can be used for facilitating the recovery and monitoring of patients, but they appear to be truly vulnerable against online breaches of security.

Commissioner Daniel Therrien has stated: “Given the sensitivity of the information, it is imperative that the companies behind such devices are transparent about what they collect, how the information will be used and with whom the data will be shared.

I’m pleased the Sweep will focus on this important area under the Internet of Things banner.” It is true that the volume of data collected by health related apps and devices will be substantial and additionally the details gathered will be proven of paramount importance. So, any breach in privacy concerning such aspects should be dealt with efficiently.

Other groups of security experts have focused on various other apps and devices, including those offering electronic house consumption or vehicles connected to the web.

The results in those aspects have been similar to the ones related to health, meaning that there are a lot of security features that require immediate attention. With the annual Global Privacy Sweep of every year, such vulnerabilities are brought to light and the proper safety measures are then taken.

It is really beneficial that the public becomes aware of the issues as they occur, so as to better address the problems and come up with the most suitable solutions.

Hopefully, this is what will come up after raising awareness on the smart gadgets and the security vulnerabilities that might increase in the near future. Since the Internet of Things cannot be contained (and should not, either), the proper security measures are a priority!

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