There are many countries applying restrictions, when it comes to downloading torrents. Due to copyrights and the pressure from film and music industries, the problem of torrent sharing is more imminent than ever nowadays.

Even though the quality standards have been significantly improved and although there are many websites where you can get literally anything you need from torrents, the limitations are always there. On top of these limitations, there is the evident hazard of being penalized for downloading something considered illegal.

Having all that in mind, we have created a list with the methods that will allow you to download torrents anonymously and thus face no actual danger of being held accountable for what you wish to benefit from online. For some, this is a great opportunity to share cultural data and make use of the innate freedom related to the web. Let’s have a closer look at these methods, don’t you agree?

  • VPN: First and foremost, the use of a VPN service provider allows you to hide your IP address and therefore remain anonymous online. You can choose the remote server you connect to the Internet with, meaning that nobody can track you and accuse you of something that can get you in trouble. Alongside the strengthening of your anonymity, of course VPNs offer a wide array of additional benefits – you can choose where you are located at a time and consequently unblock sites with torrents and websites of videos on demand etc. is one VPN that we can recommend with confidence.
  • BT Guard: If you are interested in BitTorrent, you can select the option of using BT Guard as a proxy service of premium quality. With an anonymous IP address and with encrypted downloads whenever you need them, this proxy service can offer you simple and easy access to the torrents that you wish to obtain. You can install it without any delay and start using it without any hesitation.
  • TorrentPrivacy: TorrentPrivacy is an application that aims to offer you an anonymous environment, where you can download torrents and maintain the masking of your true IP address. This method also allows encryption and this means that you do not need to worry about whether or not you are going to get the negative consequences of censorship.
  • Anomos: End-to-end encryption is ensured by Anomos, which is a platform helping you out download the torrents of your preference online. It is super easy to use, free open source and available for Windows, OS X and GNU / Linux. It is an experimental anonymity protocol, offering guaranteed results.
  • Seedbox: Last but not least, the Seedbox Company offers significant benefits that are related to torrent file sharing and downloading can become as easy as pie. It also provides the option of uploading files and torrents at affordable price rates. Exceptionally fast speed is ensured, which is key to the success of torrent downloading.

These are the methods that enable you to download torrents and even upload them anonymously, which can offer you unique advantages and superb flexibility.

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