Dropbox is a popular cloud based storage service used by many users worldwide with client software available for all platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Android OS, iOS). Using Dropbox, you will have a large space available for storing any types of files and exchange them with others. It is a service that will keep your files synced and easy to share. Brings your photos, videos and documents anywhere giving you the opportunity to stay in touch with your files at any time and never lose any of them.

Hackers target services like Dropbox with the intent to get hold of any sensitive data and this is why it is important to apply a protection method against such dangers and ensure data safety and privacy are retained.

Here are some methods that will help you, in your effort to secure your Dropbox account:

1) Enable two-step verification

Enabling the two-step authentication option is important. If you do this, you will be requested to enter both your Dropbox login id and a SMS verification code that will be sent to your phone, in order to access your account. This two-step authentication process is also being used as an access protection method for email accounts.

2) Enable email notifications

By enabling email notifications, you will receive an email whenever your account is being accessed, so you will be informed in case a third party attempts to access your account. Of course you will also get email notifications every time you actually logon and this may bother you a bit but we encourage you to keep this option enabled as it might help you.

3) Linked applications management

Dropbox has the ability to integrate with various applications which require full access to the Dropbox account. This means that if any of these integrated apps gets hacked, your Dropbox account is at risk, so in order to keep yourself protected, review your Dropbox settings and remove the access of such apps to your account.

4) Encryption

Encryption is the best method to use for ensuring that your files remain safe even in the event of having your account hacked. This feature is not offered by Dropbox but there are various encryption solutions available that can help you encrypt your Dropbox data.


The methods described in this article are easy to implement and you should definitely consider making use of them for keeping your Dropbox account secure. Dropbox is a very useful tool but, in order to remain such, you should take the right measures that will prevent your account from getting compromised.

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