Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two of the most popular Internet Browsers available on the web nowadays. Millions of users prefer them to other browsers, but the case remains the same at all times. The Internet user leaves some personal information on any visited website and hence creates a digital browser fingerprint.

This fingerprint gets bigger and bigger by the day, revealing sensitive pieces of info for the user. HTTP browser cookies and other details multiply and let your browser know a lot about you. No matter how innocent such details might appear at first, they can prove to be catastrophic for your privacy and anonymity online.

Whether it is passive or active fingerprinting (depending on whether you have been asked to install cookies and other stuff on your computer or not), it can mess with your anonymity and make you more vulnerable to threats.

You have to be proactive and control the amount of data you let out to the world. The digital world is dangerous and hence you cannot expose yourself online. In order to avoid such negative consequences related to lack of privacy and anonymity, here is what you need to do:

  • Always use up-to-date OS and the latest version of software
  • The same goes for your antivirus and antimalware
  • The browser you choose needs to be unmodified
  • Make sure you mask your IP (you can do that using various methods, such as a VPN, Tor or proxies or any Hider IP software)
  • When you visit a website and disconnect, make sure to delete the cookies and cache, as well as the browsing history
  • The same has to be done when working on incognito mode
  • Uninstall javascript or disable it
  • Similar actions need to be taken for flash
  • Visit Panopticlick from EFF and see how you score when they test you

If you follow these tips to the letter, you will swiftly realize that you have minimized your digital footprint when browsing. No matter which browser you select as your favorite, these tactics will help you out and keep you away from online threats of data leaks.

Without much information, nobody can penetrate your computer and know stuff about you. So, feel free to experiment with tips and see what happens. Your visit to EFF and Panopticlick will show you just how beneficial these pieces of advice have been for you and your privacy level!

Image from Pixabay

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