In the report “Enemies of the Internet” you can find the names of those countries which have restrictions in everything that has to do with the Cyberspace. Based on those reports, China, Bahrain, Vietnam, Iran and Syria are definitely the most restricted states in the matters of the Internet and the freedom that they enjoy. If you find some time and search for their restrictions you will definitely conclude that some of them are against human rights.

It is known that China is the most heavily restricted country and their surveillance programs are incomparable with all the others. When it comes to Iran’s and the way that they use the Internet, things are not better. The specific country tries to create its own “halal” cyberspace and this means that everything that its users do will be constantly monitored. In order for Iran to have the absolute control of the use of the Internet, they try to gather all the Iranian sites on their local servers.

Syria is another country that is included in the advanced censorship programs. It is said that the Syrian government has manage to create some tools that are able to spy, filter and record everything and it is also able to cut off the Internet access to all Syrian users.

If you are wondering of how all of this countries can do that, you need to know that there are many companies that provide them software and other kinds of services in order to help them to spy anything and anyone that they want. These companies are the real enemies of the Internet! Such companies such as Hacking Team, Gamma, Trovicor, Blue Coat and Amesys are only some of them that might not be popular to individuals but they are really famous to the authorities of those countries.

Bahrain’s Royal family was able to spy some journalists and through this kind of spy they arrested them. What helped them was the Trovicor’s surveillance software. Blue coat had created the Deep Packet Inspection technology and this was the one that helped their government to arrest their dissidents quickly. Gamma Internation and Hacking Team are really popular among many different governments as they used them to steal some journalists’ passwords.

What Can Journalists Do?

Do not think that journalists do not know anything about those programs. In fact as they use some kind of protection when they are force to work in war zones, the same goes when it comes to their Internet protection. One of the ways that they used in order to act anonymously through the web is VPN. The Tor Network is another way that they use and they are safely “move” through the web. There are also some other tricks that they use and they help them to secure their personal files on their computer or on their mobile phones.

All in all, it is sure that a wide variety of people can use the Internet from all over the world but unfortunately the one third of them cannot surf freely through it. It is a matter that everyone should think about and should do something about it. After all, Internet is basically a platform that anyone has the ability to express his thoughts and ideas without meeting any kind of obstacle in his way.

The right web tools are meant to be used by everyone and specifically for everyone who wants to surf the web safely and without any kind of fear. So, make sure that you have got the right equipment in order to be kept safe at all times and regardless of your location in the world.

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