It is true that we live in a digital era, which affects not only individuals, but also businesses and governments. There are multiple ways in which the web has changed our lives, facilitating a lot of different aspects of our daily routine.

Communication has been revolutionized and the same goes for gathering information. However, all that comes at an indisputably high price, since there are breaches in security and privacy that most users find out the hard way about.

In the recent past, a lot of breaches have occurred. People’s data have been compromised, via financial transactions and catalogues including credit card information, social security numbers and email addresses.

Zero-day vulnerabilities, social media scams and crypto-ransomware are among the major threats that we have to deal with, in this digital era. In addition to data hacks, now a new term has made its appearance: data leaks. Sensitive, personal data has become truly valuable and therefore even the slightest exposure online can be proven catastrophic.

Identity theft and fraud have also been present in the recent past and they do not seem to go anywhere. Interconnected devices and a lot of different devices used for multiple purposes (for instance, BYOD at work and at home) make things even worse. The more you use something, the more the chances of compromise. So, if you use a device for your personal entertainment and for business purposes at the same time, you face a lot more risks than otherwise.

It is true that antivirus software cannot fight all these threats effectively. Apparently, this does not mean that you should forget all about antivirus. Instead, you should be vigilant and add quite a few other extra layers of security and privacy.

Rather than using outdated software, you should be a pioneer and remain up-to-date with new and highly efficient security programs. Cybersecurity is of the essence and only a continuous fight against ongoing threats that become more sophisticated over time can work for you!

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