Digital footprints include the data that is left on our behalf, tracking back to us as we are surfing the web. Due to the sophistication of tracking devices and software (cookies, ads and so on), there are many cases where digital footprints are not easily erased and can even jeopardize the security layering of Internet users.

Imagine companies feeding on the personal information that you reveal through the digital footprints that you use and even monetizing such information that they sell to others. Every piece of information is valuable, as this is the era of information that we live in.

Whenever you visit a website and whenever you search for a specific keyword using a search engine, the web overflows with the new traces that you add and that are easily monitored and taken advantage of the ones who lurk in the dark and wish to write down the fresh info that they have detected.

Such info includes the IP of yours, your preferred browser, the sites you usually visit and consequently your habits and preferences, your social media posts (on Facebook, Twitter etc.) and many other details. These details might seem insignificant at first; nevertheless, they can end up being really significant.

Why Are Digital Footprints So Important?

We have outlined above the major digital footprints that you are likely to leave while surfing the web. All this pieces of information add to your complete profile online. This in turn can lead to more targeted audiences for marketing purposes. As you can easily comprehend, there is a whole industry benefiting greatly from what you are negligent enough to leave behind.

What you are more inclined to buy matters and this is based primarily on what you enjoy, what your hobbies are and what you are most likely to use in your daily life. On the bright side, there is a way for you to erase digital footprints and thus expose nothing from your personal life on the web. Let’s find out what this solution actually is, shall we?

Use a VPN for Erasing your Digital Footprints

VPN is Virtual Private Network and has become one of the most reliable solutions for overcoming geographical restrictions, as well as shielding one’s privacy on the Internet. Its function is based on the principle that a remote server can be connected to your device (meaning your PC or laptop, your mobile phone or gaming console etc.) and help you mask your true IP address. This happens through the redirection of all your traffic using the remote server of your preference.

As you will come to see, there is a plethora of VPN service providers available we’d like to recommend for you to have your pick from – most of them take pride in a wide range of different servers located globally. Now that we have highlighted how VPN works, let’s connect the dots and see how this solution is able to help you delete your digital footprints and remain out of reach!

What VPN Can Do for You and Your Digital Footprints

The VPN will act as a middleman between your Internet connection and the sites that you want to visit at a time. With the traffic being redirected to the remote server of your choosing, there will be no actual trace of your true IP address. The same goes for all the personal information that you might have left online, should you use your own ISP and your own IP address.

So, basically what you need to do is rely on the VPN for offering you the chance to conceal your Internet connection. Along with that, VPN involves data encryption. This process makes it even harder for anyone to trace you back and intercept your personal, sensitive data. Hackers, snoopers, malware of all sorts and of course cookies and other tracking software will not have any power over you and your web surfing.

We have completed our article on how you can erase your digital footprints promptly and effectively. With the use of a VPN service provider, you can remain anonymous as you navigate from one website to the next. This is a powerful tool that will allow you to mask your personal information and preserve your right to be free and indulge in online privacy. So, if you are not willing to pass sensitive data of yours on to marketing companies and anyone else interested in you, you now know what you have to do!

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