Everybody has thought of deleting their details from the internet. Many circumstances would cause this. It could be some photos captured in the Spring Break of 2004, and now they have resurfaced.

You don’t want your mother to see them. So what do you do next? Perhaps it is a wrong comment you made on a news website. Whatever the case, you can learn how to delete it for good.

But here is a serious question. Can one remove their details for good? Yes, you can, but you have to be patient. It will not even be easy as you might think. Read on to find out.

Close all your social media accounts and other internet-based accounts

The truth is that most of us have internet accounts we do not even remember. First close your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapshot.

Then, find out if you had old accounts with Google +1, Tumbler, MySpace, and similar accounts. As well, delete all sites you use for shopping. This may include Gap, Amazon, and eBay. Have you joined job sites, dating sites or travel sites?

Perhaps you are on video and music sites and gambling and gaming sites? Try to remember all and delete. So, type how to delete the name of a site on Google.

Remove your website, blog or both

After removing all your sites, the next thing is to search for your name online. Next, locate other combinations of data that might refer to you. This includes your date of birth, employment history, and education background.

If possible use your photos to do a reverse image search. These should be pictures you often post on your internet accounts.

Ask data collection sites, websites and search engines to remove your names

This is a difficult stage. There are a lot of parties you have to contact in person. Then you will request them to remove your name or image from their sites.

You may have to use the freedom of information rules of your nation here. This is because some companies will not remove you when you request. Use a service like DeleteMe, a URL removal tool from Google and WhoIs.

Remove all your email accounts and addresses

This is direct to the point. Just delete your current email accounts. Otherwise, use a VPN tool just like Hide.me VPN or ExpressVPN.

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