Do you any idea about how the information being collected digitally uncovers the things about you that you’d have kept private? Big data is the age where we’re living already, there’s no doubt about it. To put icing on the cake, Internet of things’ age is here as well! Now the question arises, is this all going to lead us towards complete (and the one that’s everywhere) surveillance?

These are some identical questions digital rights ‘activist’ Wolfie Christl tried to answer via a study on the global trends concerning corporate surveillance, and the results have been shared in form of a presentation by him. Re-publica conference being held this week in Berlin is the platform where he presented the findings, below is the presentation video:

“It’s not only governments who are spying on us, today we are constantly getting our lives categorized and rated by a global network of online platforms, ad servers, app developers, analytics companies, data brokers and many more, whose business models are based on the expectation of our personal data,” Christl said.

So, it’s just a common sense gesture that the data being collected digitally is huge, and most of the folks among us, don’t even know how the data is considered to be valuable for data brokers.

Info he presented in the presentation consists really to the point overview highlighting which are the biggest players in this field, and from where those big guns mange to get this data.

In the presentation, he offers a quick overview of the biggest players in the field, and explains where they get the data from. He revealed partnerships among some aforementioned organizations, including deals being closed with the online firms that tend to have hands on personal data of huge no of users: Facebook, Google, etc.

Obviously, these aren’t that much secret partnerships to the folks being active in infosec field, but yet, these connection might very well be a grave secret to many people as most don’t bother to get into trouble of discovering or even thinking about what these connection mean.

Companies are able to get an almost perfect idea regarding what a particular user wants, needs (or will need sooner) and does, all by correlating the date about online activities of users with the help of their personal data alongside data that’s available about their behavior while offline. Third party brokers and customer database of companies are two core weapon being utilized for the purpose.

So, what’s the take from this article? That’s none other than the fact that we need to take security of our data in our own hands, and shouldn’t trust any company with blind eyes for our data. Start making use of security tools, VPN is among the most recommended ones to go after.

And of course, engage yourself in cautions that can benefit you in the long run – hint to one such caution can be, making use of Google’s recently introduced search history deletion. Build on your common sense and move on with further cautions, and please, add your caution ideas via comment form below so that others can benefit from your experience as well.

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