Smartphone owners love the features that their phone offers but are afraid of the exposure to the risk of losing it. Losing your beloved smartphone is hard no matter if you lost it or someone stole it from you, so now that you have it in your hands you should prepare for the possibility that such an unfortunate event will happen to you and proceed with the actions required for making it traceable or blocking access to it.

How to recover your misplaced or stolen Android phone

We’ll now go through some apps that you can install and settings you can adjust that will help you if you ever face such an issue.

1) Anti-theft app

One obvious step to take is to visit the Play Store and install a tracking app. One highly recommended app of this type is the “Cerberus” anti-theft app for Android. You will find that it is easy to setup while also a wide range of features is offered, like displaying onscreen messages, taking photos using any of the phone’s cameras, initiate an alarm sound, remotely lock or wipe it and of course track it using your browser.

You also have the option to disguise Cerberus so that it will appear as some other type of app or completely hide the app from the app drawer so that it won’t be noticed by thieves.

Cerberus can also be flashed into the phone’s ROM so that it will survive even after a factory reset.

2) Dropbox and camera upload

If you install Dropbox on your smartphone and activate the camera upload feature, it will basically upload to your Dropbox folder every picture that is taken. This can help you identify the person who currently makes use of your phone as you will have access to any pictures taken using the phone’s camera.

3) Screen unlock pattern or password

Going to the security settings of your smartphone and setting up an unlock pattern helps keeping your data safe from other people while also thieves are not able to access the list of installed apps and remove any anti-theft ones that you may have installed.

4) Lock screen protection app

Tracking your phone while it is turned off is not possible, this is why you need to prevent others from easily turning your device off. What you need is an app like the Smart Lockscreen Protector which will disable the power button menu, so that thieves cannot use the respective menu option to switch the phone off.

5) Keep your IMEI number stored

The IMEI is a unique identification number that every phone has. You should write this number down, as you’ll need it for putting the phone on the IMEI blacklist after contacting your carrier, making your phone useless as it will not work with most carriers.

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