The internet is a risky place as much as it is a fun place to be. The freedoms allowed in it have been abused by some criminal elements and therefore we are left with no option but to be wary. In law they say ignorance is no defense, in cyber security we say ignorance is the biggest vulnerability. And this is why today we list down some of the biggest risks that will be out there in 2016.

Cyber theft

Cyber theft is not new to the internet. The stealing of information for the purposes of resale in underground markets or for the purposes of stealing money from unsuspecting users is not new. However, in 2016 it is expected that criminals will turn their focus from the stealing information from the end user to stealing it from the processors.

What this means then is that the cyber thief will be able to use a card whose balance he or she has inflated and withdraw that money from ATMs across the world before finally crashing that account and leaving authorities with no trace.


This is a unique kind of infection that locks up important sections of the computer or the phone such as access to back up applications like the Amazon cloud or Dropbox. The writers of the malware then demand that they get paid for them to allow the owner of the information access to his or her data. Ransomware will be delivered in new and barely detectable ways and therefore people are advised to be extra vigilant.

Password hacking

Password are the locks which prevent our information from being freely available to everyone online. That is why we are advised by experts to make sure that our passwords are hard to guess and quite cryptic.  Strong passwords are effective but the procedure for recovering passwords creates a vulnerability.

Most password recovery systems ask for some personal information that they assume only the legitimate owner might know. However, in this age of social media where people share too much private information, guessing the answer to a password recovery question can be easy. This is especially so because the question asked essentially creates a way for the intruder to try and find answer.

Cyber warfare

Nations and states have started realizing the power of the internet as a tool of war. In 2013 there was an attack on Belgacom in what was suspected to be from a nationally backed strike force. Cyber warfare can be very expensive since many transactions today are online.

In the face of these threats, we encourage users to get proper protection by getting anti-malware software for example, using hard passwords as well as surfing under protection of VPN connection to prevent geo-identification.

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