The matter of geo blocks has been troubling the European Commission, till a solid solution is found in the best interest of EU citizens.

It is known that there are several sites and pages that can not be accessed from all the countries. One of these is Netflix that has become really popular, even though it can be accessed in its original form only in the US.

The European Commission is familiar with this kind of stuff and it tries to eliminate the problem by suggesting making all of these programs accessible to the general public regardless of their geographic location.

Some days ago, Margrethe Vestager, a commissioner in European Competition, stated that it is unacceptable for all the European people who travel to other countries not to have the access that they want even though they have already paid for it. She also said that this phenomenon is something that acts against the European motion for a single digital market all over the union.

Her exact words on this matter were: “I, for one, cannot understand why I can watch my favorite Danish channels on my tablet in Copenhagen – a service I paid for – but I can’t when I am in Brussels. Or why I can buy a film on DVD back home and watch it abroad, but I cannot do the same online.”

Her words are not irrational at all and, with all the arguments that she had stated, have made the world wondering and having second thoughts about what is illegal and what is not. In her speech she also added: “We are learning quite a bit from our current cases. Last year, we opened a formal investigation involving major US film studios and large European broadcasters and their licensing contracts. We are examining the clauses in their contracts that prevent existing and new subscribers from accessing satellite and online pay-tv when they are outside the area covered by the license. Another case we are investigating is about restrictions to pricing and cross-border trade of consumer-electronic products over the internet. We have carried out inspections at large manufacturers and, more recently, at online retailers and my staff are analysing the information they collected. Finally, we are investigating the alleged geo-blocking of certain video games sold online for personal computers.”

It is the second time that Vestager gets elected to the challenge of geo-blocking this year. Another person of the European commission, Andrus Ansip, was involved in the same matter at the beginning of March, thus with geo blocks and he said that they are trying to block the route that leads to a single European digital market and he insisted on saying that several commission departments are working on the specific matter, thus the Digital Single Market at the specific time when he spoke.

Geo blocks is certainly a matter that everyone should give great importance to, especially those people who are visiting countries that do not give them the ability to have the access that they want to web sites and pages that all the other people of a specific country can. Based on the statements of the European Commission, it is a matter that is going to be solved soon enough. Until that happens, VPN seems like a great way to be granted access to geographically blocked sites all over the world!

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