Individuals in Germany are set to lose their communication privacy rights soon as the government moves to adopt new and radical pieces of legislation.

Going by the current trends, the citizens of the country are losing their privacy at an alarming rate, as a result of the effect of multiple factors. Recently, the country adopted laws that force telecommunications service providers in the country to retain data about the activities of their clients. Implementation of this new law means that ISPs and other telecommunications service providers in the country will have to keep logs of what users do when communicating using their devices.

As if this was not enough, Bundestag, the legislative body in the country recently passed a new law that gives the spy agency of the country, BND, the right to spy on individuals as well as organisations as part of the process of investigating a crime. The passage of this new law by the German parliament has created a furore in the country, with activists and observers arguing that the law goes against the fundamental provisions of the constitution of the country.

Many people see these new developments in Germany in light of recent events that have been happening in the country. A few years ago, revelations by Edward Snowden that the BND was enjoying a cordial relationship with the NSA sparked street protests in the country. Snowden, in a series of exposes, had pointed out the German spy agency was cooperating with the NSA to spy on high-level individuals in Europe.

To many, the idea that the spy agency of the country could cooperate with its American counterpart was unpalatable. The protests were seen as a demonstration of the extent to which Germans are willing to go to protect their privacy.

But a series of events has created a situation in which the German authorities have found it easy to come up with new laws that further curtail the freedom of individuals. In the past few months, German has been a victim of global terror attacks. A string of high-profile terror attacks in some of the leading cities of the country must have made the government to panic and resort to passing laws that inhibit individual freedoms in the name of fighting global terrorism.

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