Accessing the Netflix entertainment platform as a resident of Canada, you will probably have discovered that the content you have access to, is quite different than the content shared on the US Netflix.

This is because the Netflix entertainment platform forces a “Geo-restriction” policy and this is done because they want to prevent broadcasting of US licensed material outside of America. This practically means that if you want to get access to the US Netflix content, you will have to prove to the system that you are located in the US.

Netflix applies the Geo-location restriction by using various mechanisms in order to get information from the device you use in regards to location of connection. The best method to use in order to convince the Netflix platform that you are connecting from the US while you are in Canada and thus bypass the above mentioned restriction is the use of a VPN service, but you may also select a proxy service for this job.

Use a VPN service to access the US Netflix from Canada

In order to get access to the US Netflix from Canada, you practically need to mask your connection so that it will appear you are connecting from the US and the best method to get this done is with the use of a reliable VPN service.

There are VPN service providers that offer privacy protection, Wi-Fi security and encryption, regardless of your location. The one we can recommend without any second thought is VPN.

Using such a VPN service will keep you protected from online threats, while it will spoof you location and mask your IP address and so make your device to appear as it is connecting from the US which will give you access to the premium US Netflix content.

Use of a Proxy service to access the US Netflix from Canada

An alternative method to use in order to bypass the geo-restriction is the use of a proxy service. In this method traffic is relayed by the proxy server which is placed between the device you use and the destination (in our case, the US Netflix website). If we were to recommend a free proxy, the proxy offered by is going to be the one.

You just need to alter your connection settings and apply the ones of a US proxy server so that the Netflix platform will see that the traffic is coming from the selected US proxy server’s IP address. You should keep in mind though that connections coming from proxy servers are easily detected and blocked. This means that although you may find a US proxy server that will do the job, this might stop working after some time and you will have to pick another (unblocked) proxy server.

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