The web browser you choose to use affects your user experience to a great extent. This is why you need not settle for a web browser that does not appeal to you or suit your needs.

Among the most popular choices all over the world, we find Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Let’s have a closer look at their special features, so as to come up with the best solution for you to consider for web browsing:

  • When it comes to Google Chrome, you need to be online to complete the installation process. Mozilla Firefox, on the other hand, comes with an offline installation option.
  • The sizes of the two web browsers do not vary much (Chrome has 13MB and Firefox 15MB), which makes it hard to decide based on this variable.
  • Startup process for Chrome is 7 seconds, beating Firefox by 2 seconds. Yet, when you need to load more than one page, Firefox is faster.
  • RAM is used differently in the two web browsers. Google Chrome uses RAM in pieces and hence is not too much for the device to manage. Mozilla Firefox, though, uses the RAM collectively, as a whole.
  • Chrome supports all kinds of files, such as HTML 5, which means that it takes up a bit more space in the hard drive. Well, actually, not a bit. Chrome takes 120MB and Firefox 37MB.
  • Chrome offers you the chance to combine Incognito browsing with regular browsing. On the other hand, Firefox does not allow you to use both private and public browsing.


Nobody can argue that both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are reliable solutions, in the field of web browsers. They are functional and aesthetically great, offering a plethora of special features and covering the needs of most Internet users online.

If we had to choose, however, one web browser that totally rocks, this would be Google Chrome hands down. It allows you to combine Incognito with regular browsing, it is faster and easier to load and it Parental control is available and there are quite a few extra perks that will help you out throughout your web surfing.

Check out all the details and experiment with web browsers that enable you to enjoy the Internet to the fullest. Just make sure that you combine security and privacy along with effectiveness and convenience, for the optimal results online!

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