Google is fighting to make peace with the new Republican-controlled Washington if its recent moves are anything to go by.

It appears that the company is struggling to placate the new conservative Trump administration. Recently, the company posted the job for a person who can help it reach out to the conservatives. It is widely believed that the job of the new Google employee will be to try to mend bridges with the largely conservative Republican outfit.

Also, one of the leading figures at the company, Erick Schmidt, has repeatedly been seen paying homage to the new president. The visits by Schmidt are largely seen as attempts by the Silicon Valley giant to be in the good books of the new administration as a survival tactic in the highly volatile tech industry.

During the campaigns, Google was largely seen as a Democratic-leaning organisation, with thousands of its employees making huge contributions to the Hillary campaigns. Reports by authorities indicated that contributions to the Democrat candidate by Google employees during the campaigns reached a staggering $1.3 million. Contributions to the Republican candidate were a mere $26,000.

Interestingly, the controversial policies of the new administration, top among them being the immigration ban, are set to have a huge impact on the operations of Google. The controversial immigration ban has been said to affect more than 200 employees of the company. Google, like many other Silicon Valley tech giants, depends on immigrants for its highly skilled jobs.

Additionally, it appears that Google is concerned with the stance towards net neutrality and digital privacy that the new administration will take.

It is not clear how the recent moves by Google will turn out to be. However, many observers interpret them within the context of the need for Silicon Valley to make peace with Donald Trump as a way of guaranteeing stability in the industry.

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