Have you ever got the inclination that you are being observed regardless of where you go? In the event that you possess an Android cell phone, then Google may have quite recently uncovered the purpose for that inclination. Not long ago, Google launched another Maps device tool – Your Timeline. This Google tool is intended to show individuals every one of the spots they went to on any given day, and how they really arrived. In addition, it likewise demonstrates the pictures that were clicked that day and transferred on Google Photos. Google actually maps your course of events!

While Google’s proverb is “Don’t be evil” there is a manifestly obvious probability that this inside and out information could be abused by somebody in a position of force. More awfully, it could even fall into the wrong hands and discharged available to be purchased to individuals who need a point by point record of each spot an individual went to in a sure time period. While Google’s official discharge on the theme states – Your Timeline is private and visible just to you; and you control the locations you decide to keep.

In view of that, it is still a terrifying prospect on account of the measure of information that is really being put away by Google Timeline in any case. This data incorporates, yet is not limited to, the accompanying angles:

• Each movement you mad and history of spots you went to

• Locations of home and office can be effectively picked up from the information

• Often went by spots and locations can be spotted

• What normal routes are taken by individuals to reach at a specific place

• Photographs that were taken at these areas and who you were with

While it is consoling to believe that Google has our best interests as the main priority and won’t abuse this information, the truth is that this information is out there and it is defenseless. For the individuals who are mindful, a late hack into an extremely popular site in the US – Ashley Madison – has uncovered, there is no information that is genuinely secure.

Step by step instructions to ensure your Google Timeline information

According to Google, any user can erase their whole history or one day’s history whenever he wants. They can likewise alter the names of spots or expel particular areas from the history. On the off chance that you are not happy with this information being put away by Google, you can kill this component. To do that, sign into Your Timeline, click on the Settings at the base right corner and select from the options given below:

• Stop Location History

• Erase All Location History

• Manage Personal Places There

Not just it will help protect your privacy online, it will likewise constrain usefulness of services like Google Now and Google Maps. You can likewise then again go to the Location Services options in your gadget settings and roll out important improvements there.

While the measure of information being put away in this Google backed service is terrifying, the truth of the matter is that it is intended to make things easier for us. Eventually, it is an individual decision that everybody must make. In any case, it is imperative that everybody is adequately mindful about such advancements and the security dangers linked with these.

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