Hackers target Facebook, due to the increasing number of Facebook users all over the world. In terms of information, this is one of the best sites to target for acquiring the details that hackers need.

But, we often tend to underestimate the chance of having our Facebook account hacked. “It will never happen to me” is a common excuse. Sometimes, it does happen!

If you are found in such a situation, here is what you need to do:

  • First of all, keep your login credentials somewhere you can always reach for them. Do not rely on automatic login upon visiting Facebook.
  • Make sure that you check for notifications from Facebook. When there is suspicious connectivity, they often send you notifications; check your email account out.
  • Once you log in, go to the recent activity log off Facebook. It is on the upper right side of the screen and lets you know about all the activities (which you may not have authorised or consented to).
  • If you make sure that someone has posted something from your Facebook account without your knowledge, delete it. Inform your friends about the hack and of course change your Facebook password.
  • At the same time, go to Settings and see Where You Are Logged in. If, for example, the settings indicate that you have logged in from your mobile and you do not recall that, end activity right away.

For resetting your password on Facebook, there are quite a few options. You can use your Hotmail account, have a code sent over to you via text on your mobile phone or have Facebook email a link to you.

If none of these options work for you, you should go ahead with submitting your ID. Since it is compulsory to use your real name on Facebook, you will find it practical to upload your ID and verify your identity online.

After everything is over, you need to inform Facebook about the hack. Go to this page and follow the steps carefully. In this way, you will strengthen the security of your Facebook account. This is crucial, as you may have realised by now.

Although it is a really displeasing incident to have your Facebook account hacked, there are solutions for you to consider. You do not need to settle for a compromised account. Instead, you should enhance your overall online security and continue enjoying Facebook with perfect safety!

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