Nowadays, hackers use sophisticated procedures to steal the passwords of unsuspecting users. It is common for hackers to use social engineering and other equally sophisticated techniques to access the passwords of their targets. For you to protect your passwords, you need to use sophisticated defence tactics. A good VPN service like gives you the much-needed high-tech protection against cyber crooks that are hell-bent on stealing your passwords. Here are some of the methods hackers use to steal passwords and how VPN can protect you against them.


Hackers still use this old tactic to attempt to steal your passwords. However, hackers have refined phishing by relying heavily on social engineering. Thus, hackers can use the social media presence of an individual to craft quite compelling fake emails in a bid to trick a person to click on some links. can protect you against phishing because it diligently checks the safety of any website before allowing you access to it. In this case, will prevent you from getting to the phishing website.

Session sniffing

Hackers nowadays use special types of software programs to surreptitiously steal information that you type on websites. Using special malware programs, hackers can hijack very important sessions and end up stealing the passwords and other important details that people type when logging onto their accounts.

When you use VPN every time you go online, you can prevent this from happening. The VPN service automatically encrypts all your traffic, making it impossible for hackers to access your communication, even if they manage to sneak into your online communications with websites.


Finally, special software programs, commonly referred to as keyloggers, can capture the keystrokes that you make when typing important information on your device. Hackers then use the programs to interpret your passwords and end up accessing your online accounts. VPN protects you against this form of attack because it prevents keyloggers from accessing your device.

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