Everybody knows just how sophisticated the hacking attacks may be online, especially with all the advanced technology and the special tools available for them. In the most recent incident of major hacking, voters from Philippines have been robbed of their personal information.

In specific, sensitive biometric files of voters that have been stored in the Commission on Elections (Comelec) databank have become target of hackers, calling themselves Anonymous. This might jeopardize the whole voting process, unless imminent measures are taken by the Government.

Among the data stolen, there are fingerprints and phone numbers, names and addresses, throughout the country of Philippines. Of course, hacking had taken place a lot earlier, perhaps last year. However, the data has begun being distributed using Torrent software a few days ago. With the use of Torrents, one can simply download and then share the information with others exponentially.

If you are wondering how important this hack might turn out to be, think of the compromise of the forthcoming elections. Imagine a candidate is losing and the system then adds a lot more votes to his name. In addition, there may be confusion as to the exact lists available for voters. Cheating becomes a piece of cake, in the hands of sophisticated hackers. This is the case in the recent data compromise.

Apparently, there needs to be some action taken or else the political situation in Philippines is not going to smoothen. On June 30th, 2016, the President and everyone else in line for the succession will lose their power and legitimate claims, which means that elections are inevitable. So, it is crucial that the Government comes up with a backup plan, in avoidance of chaos during the elections.

This case of stolen data reveals just how damaging it can be to neglect protecting and safeguarding sensitive information. Especially the information that has to do with Politics and National Security should be dealt with cautiously.

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