The most recent victims of hackers are the hotels that use a specific vulnerable router.

A security firm named Cylance, had found something really amazing that shows that recently hackers are trying to have the control of hotels’ servers. A specific Internet router that is used from the greatest percentage of hotel chains is rally vulnerable and hackers find it really easy to hack it.

This means that if a hacker achieves to hack the router of the hotel that you have booked a room, he will be able to cause problems only to the people who use the hotel’s Wi-Fi but he can cause a lot of problems to the Property Management System or in other words to the PMS.

The PMS is a system that is able to track everything that has to do with the hotel such as the billing, the room keys, the room temperature and even the daily program of the hotel’s employees. The worst scenario in such a case is definitely a hacker to copy all the numbers of the credit cards that the employees had saved in order to serve their customers in the best possible way.

Another bad thing that might happens will be to memorize or to copy for once more the locks of the hotel’s doors and change the temperature in the room in order to be unavailable for a few hours and make the moves that they want.

Cylance never mentioned the names of the hotels which use the specific server and the only thing that it mentioned is that the number of the hotel is 277 in the U.S. The creator of this router is a company named ANTLabs and it is located in Singapore and Justin Clarke, a researcher of Cylance said: “it is up to the end user to apply the patch.” On the other hand, Charles Tendell, the CEO of Azorian cyber security stated: “The hotels have been notified, but they aren’t going to do anything, they will tell their vendors.”

A really important think that it was mentioned, is the fact that none of the hotels has as an employee a web expert in order to solve any kind of similar issues that might appear to the software that a hotel uses.

Another important think that Mr Clarke said is: “guests who use these routers – which typically are encountered when logging into the hotel Wi-Fi – could see terrible things happening to them. Such as? A hacker could view, log, as well as tamper with the traffic of the users of the device. He could potentially alter the traffic. He could cause you to download malware.”

So, the only think that you need to do in case you travel a lot for business proposes or for pleasure and you spend a lot of hours in a hotel room, is to make some advanced search on the hotel that you are about to stay and search for all the important details that have to do with the router that they use and their software.

If you find out that they use this vulnerable router, it is up to you to decide whether or not you will use their Wi-Fi network. Think twice before you use it and if it is absolutely important to browse through the web, you can do it by using a VPN that is one of the latest and safer ways to browse safely and without any hidden dangers.

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