Online advertisements are a huge part of today’s world revenue, as you can understand. The giants of the Internet have been making lots of money, thanks to the potentials of ads. Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and Google are all major players in this field.

All sites struggle to add more and more advertisements, so as to increase their earnings. However, all that does not mean that advertisements are interesting or even appealing. On the contrary, they are irritating and many people cannot even stand them.

This has been the driving force of creating adblockers. With an adblocking plugin, you may block the content of all advertisements and enjoy web surfing to the fullest. But this means that some people have begun losing revenue.

One way for the sites or apps to get around the ad blocking consequences would be to offer two distinguished versions, one for free but with ads and one paid version without ads. So, the companies will win either way.

There are of course many different forms of advertisements online, either banners or pop-ups and so on. If you wish to keep a number in your mind as to how much the ads offer as revenue, Google has reported earning $60 billion in 2014 from ads. You can see why this is a huge industry, right?

Nevertheless, ad blocking is not only good for preventing ads from popping up and disturbing you while you are surfing the web. At the same time, ad blocking prevents hackers from reaching out to you via malware installed on several ads.

So, since you do not need to worry about ads any more, you do not need to worry about potential hacking attacks. What is more, your sensitive data is not for sale and therefore ads cannot be tailored to meet your personalized information.

Even though there are many ways adblockers work, the most popular one is blocking the HTTP ad request immediately. Mobile network Three UK has announced implementing adblocking at the network level and this is of paramount importance, since ads take up a lot of the bandwidth. Both Apple and Android have introduced adblocking on their devices, which is really optimistic.

One shadowy incident has occurred with AdBlock Plus. According to rumors, the company has begun whitelisting several ads after having been paid for doing so. This has been a move of grave controversy, to say the least.

Nobody can argue that ads make a large share of today’s world economy and nobody can oppose to the fact that adblocking benefits the user to a great extent. It is unknown how these different sides of the same coin are going to co-exist online in the near future…

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