As you may have already realized, not all people use Facebook for socializing as there is a category of people on Facebook who use it for spying on the daily life of other users. With the increasing popularity of Facebook, there are many details that can emerge while spying on others. Even though this is frowned upon, it is really important that we know a lot about the tactics that such people use – in avoidance of negative consequences.

So, they do it by following these methods:

1) Checking someone’s profile
If you haven’t set your privacy settings to a high level, then you might be sharing more personal info than what you think. You need to differentiate what you share with the public group and what you share with just your FB friends.

2) Automatic friending
Some people have the tendency to automatically accept any friend requests they receive without checking the requestor’s profile at all. This leaves a door open for any person wishing to spy on you, to be able to monitor your Facebook activity easily.

3) Fake profiles
People who want to spy on you will try anything and creating a fake Facebook profile is a certain action they take.

4) Profile spoofing
Another serious action performed by “Facebook spies” is the creation of a profile duplicate to yours. What they do is to copy your profile picture and create a new profile using the same name with yours and then starting to send friend requests to your FB friends. This way, some of your friends may get confused as they’ll think it’s you and accept that friend request.

5) Sending friend requests to your friends
You are most likely to accept a friend request from an unknown party if you seem to have mutual friends. So, some people follow this method for convincing you that they are OK and accept their request.

6) Sending gifts
Accepting a gift sent by a 3rd party app will leave your private info open to sharing with others as most of these applications request these details.

7) Reading posts
Again depending on the security settings you’ve applied, people that are not your FB friends may not have access to your profile but they could have access to read posts that you make on walls of your friends or even see the photos you are tagged in.

8) RSS feeds
Someone can also add your updates to their feed so they can receive a notification at the moment you log in.

9) Sending a message
The first step towards gaining someone’s trust (one that is not your FB friend yet) is to send a message. This will end up to the target’s “other” folder but it is an initial step to request communication.

10) Instant personalization
People can also spy on you via apps that are linked to your Facebook profile. If you use your Facebook login for commenting under an article on some site, then people will have the option to access your profile simply by clicking on your username’s link.

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